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Luke Wallond

Luke Wallond

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Fencing Ideas

This is the first in a series of news items hopefully helping you make a decision when it comes to the type of fence you are looking for. With so much choice on the market, should you opt for an Overlap panel, Close board panel, Plastic or Metal Fencing?


This weeks works was for schools and we completed 3 different projects.

Project 1

We installed a pair of 6ft heavy framed Close board gates and posts. We clad these in Close board because it not only looks great but is also strong and secure, feather edge boards overlap with the next board creating great strength. (See Below)

fencing ideas closeboard panels
Fencing ideas closeboard gates

Project 2

We created a 3ft round top Wooden Palisade perimeter fence. Sometimes known as a Picket Fence, Wooden Palisade is an exceedingly dependable fence that is not only tough but creates an attractive decorative border.


Project 3

We erected 3 bays of Overlap panels with timber posts and a pedestrian gate which created a storage area for the school caretaker. Overlap panels are one of our most popular fences because they are cost effective and still provide a good barrier from the outside.


Wooden Gates and Overlap Panels
Overlap Panels with Concrete Posts

See all the pictures of our work throughout the site and then feel free to give us a call for your free quotation or use the Contact Us pages.
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