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acoustic fencing panels

Acoustic Fence Panels – Keeping the peace

Some customers want to keep ambient noise out; others are worried that they are causing too much noise and want to keep the noise within the confines of their homes or offices. Whatever your requirement is and providing that it doesn’t break planning regulations, we can fulfil it.

Acoustic Fencing – Something a little different

It is not easy to keep your business private these days as ambient sounds fill the air but why not stand out from the crowd by having some acoustic fence panels fitted. Not only will they deaden the sound, they also look amazing!

or perhaps you would prefer our Closeboard or Overlap fencing panels?

An Example of our Acoustic Fencing - The before and after!

Acoustic Panels

Deaden the sound beyond the panel

Perfect for Domestic or Business use


Top-Quality Fence Panels

We calculate how many panels you need to keep those unwanted sounds at bay

There are a choice of panel sizes but it depends upon the source of the noise and local regulations that determine whether you should choose acoustic panels.

acoustic fence panels

And this is what the site looked like before hand


Acoustic Panels

Our acoustic panels have different decibel ratings depending on the level of noise you want to dissipate.


If you want to turn the volume down on a neighbours’ activity (party, lawn mowing, etc) then acoustic fencing is a great investment


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