Chain Link Fencing for Maidstone, Medway, Ashford, Kent

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Our Chain Link Fence (sometimes known as wire netting) is a woven fence where the galvanised steel criss-crosses in a diagonal direction forming its unique diamond shape.

Chain Link Fencing

Galvanised and great for marking borders

A great, cost efficient solution!

Chain Link Fencing

Marking Borders

Providing a friendly border between properties or landline

With a choice of panel sizes:






Chain Link Fencing
Chain Link Fencing maidstone kent
Chain Link Fencing

Not what you were searching for?

Post and Rail or Mesh Systems or maybe something a little more secure like Metal Palisade

Chain link Fencing

Can be erected as  a temporary or permanent fixing


attached by us to angle iron or box section posts


A choice of Chain Link Fencing

Galvanised or PVC

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You’ll be delighted with the way our fences fit in and around your existing garden plus give you a secure environment

We are a five star rated company.


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