Stock Wire Fencing for Maidstone, Medway, Ashford, Kent

A cost effective solution to protecting your garden or land from wildlife


You’ll receive a top quality installation from a company with over 25 years experience

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Stock Wire Fencing

Round up your livestock and keep them safe.

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We use very good quality wire mesh and all our customers receive our very best service. Call us now for a quote and we will come and visit you

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You will not be disappointed with the results

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stock wire fencing maidstone kent

Stock Wire Fencing

Wire mesh fencing that blends into the background and keeps livestock or pets in and wildlife out


Stock Wire fencing – minimum fuss and great value


We cover all of Maidstone, Medway and Ashford and all outlying villages in the surrounding areas of Kent


Call us today for a free quote!

You’ll be delighted with the way our fences fit in and around your existing property plus give you a safe environment

We are a five star rated company.


See our Facebook page to see our 5 star reviews and add your own on the completion of the work.

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